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Our School Prayer

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                                                                         NATIONAL ANTHEM

                                                          Jana Gana Mana Adhinaayaka Jaya Hey,  

                                                          Bharata Bhaagya Vidhaataa


                                                          Panjaaba Sindhu Gujarata Maraatha,

                                                          Draavida Utkala Banga


                                                          Vindhya Himaachala Yamuna Ganga,

                                                          Uchchchla Jaladhi Taranga


                                                          Tava Subho Naamey Jaagey,

                                                          Tava Subho Aashisha Maahge

                                                          Gahe Tava Jayagaatha.


                                                         Jana Gana Mangala Daayaka Jaya Hey,

                                                         Bharata Bhagya Vidhaata


                                                         Jaya Hey, Jaya Hey, Jaya Hey

                                                         Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey!


                                                                        PRAYER- 1

                                                      Oh: Lord, we thank thee for the night

                                                      and for the pleasant morning light;

                                                      for rest and food and loving care,

                                                      and all that makes the day so fair.

                                                      Help us to do the things we should,

                                                      to be others to kind and good;

                                                      In all we do, in work or play,

                                                      to  grow  more loving  every day.

                                                                                 -rebecca westan- 1890,




                                                                           PRAYER – 2

                                                               Praise Him, Praise Him!

                                                               Praise Him in the morning,

                                                               Praise Him in the noon time,

                                                                            Praise Him!

                                                                            Praise Him!

                                                               Praise Him when the sun goes down!

                                                                             Love Him !

                                                                             Love Him !

                                                               Love Him in the morning,

                                                               Love Him in the noon time,

                                                                             Love Him!

                                                                             Love Him!

                                                               Love Him when the sun goes down!

                                                                            Serve Him!

                                                                            Serve Him!

                                                              Serve Him in the morning ,

                                                              Serve Him in the noon time,

                                                                            Serve Him!

                                                                            Serve Him!

                                                              Serve Him when the sun goes down!



Oh! glory to god he has lifted me up

Oh! glory to god he has lifted me up

He has lifted me up I know (2)

He stretched out his hand

And he lifted me up

And that’s why I love Him so

I love Him more and more(2)

And when I stand upon the other shore(2)

I will praise Him more and more.



                                                                    STUDENT’S PLEDGE

                                                             “India is my Country

                                                              All Indians are my brothers and sisters

                                                               I love my country

                                                              and I am proud of its rich

                                                              and varies heritage,

                                                              I shall always strive to worthy of it

                                                              I shall give respect to my parents,

                                                              teachers and elders and treat

                                                              everyone with courtesy

                                                              To my country and my people,I

                                                              Pledge my devotion. In their 

                                                              well being and prosperity

                                                              alone lies my happiness” .