City English School is an english medium coeducational school at South Kalikapur, P.O - B.Gobindapur, P.S- Bhangar, District - 24 Parganas (South), West Bengal. It was established in 2011 under the umbrella of HM Charitable Trust headed by Mr. Mijanur Rahaman, The Founder Secretary of the Trust. Looking at the plight of the poor local children who were unable to commute from a far distant place to the main city for getting quality education in English medium. Moreover, the children of Socio- economically backward section of the society should excel within their cognitive and intuitive skills at the low fees structure for academic excellence. The hardship of those poor innocent children gained momentum for the Trust to make an English Medium School for community development. It was started with fifteen children enrolled in class -I and every year a new class has been added on. However, it inculcates education to all classes of people irrespective of caste and creed. The School focuses on mind training of the children that all religions are  true and hence to have equal respect for all religions to become a spiritual person with an open mind and wisdom. The greatest virtue of existence is “self introspection” by which each and every student is able to purify their innate “soul” ́ Our school community is dedicated for providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment where all children can develop their skills and talents in a variety of ways and to the best of their abilities. So, the children are encouraged to participate in different extracurricular and co-curricular activities. We also inculcate, in the students, to sustain and enhance rich cultural heritage and also prepare young learners to keep pace with the challenges they are going to face in future.


About The Founder:

City English School is actually a "House of joy". The hearts and minds of children are always restless, but the desire to seek and find, to know, is unlimited. A child is never content. An unquenchable thirst to imbibe unknown to known is his basic Instinct.

City English School is a  joyful learning home of the children where they can explore themselves spontaneously with the help of utmost care and guidance of faculty members.

We are deeply concerned with the building up of a good and beautiful way of life which is  full of, aspiration, dedication, discipline, and determination.

Our students should be a good citizens of tomorrow, our aim to get the best output through the world class ICSC Curriculum to make them ready to take on the world with confidence and zest.


Our Vision, Mission & Objectives:

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The colossal expansion of  city English School is our long term goal.

There is an old adage  by Confucius, the great  philosopher,  "when planning for a  year plant a corn; when planning for a decade, plant trees; when  planning for life, educate people".

So city english School is dedicated itself for translating motto "education for life".

It is not only  to impart textbook knowledge but also to inculcate  'Humanity' & ' Morality' among the children.

The education is meant for culmination of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of children under the constant guidance to shape well-rounded personalities to form a better tomorrow.







                                                     -----GURUDEV R.N.TAGORE.

                                                                  The Great Educator

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Our school community is dedicated for providing childcentric education where all children can utilise there ' interest' and 'aptitude' to the best of their abilities.

The safe, secure, and stimulating environment of our school becomes true inspiration of all children who can nurture their talents and skills at their optimum level of enthusiasm and innate potential.

We want to inculcate, in the students, to sustain and enhance our rich cultural heritage so that they can be spiritually strong to focus on positive mode of life with responsible attitude towards themselves and all others around them.


Our Core Values

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Our Curriculum:

The City English School follows an updated & innovative Learning-Teaching Architecture which, along with imparting of knowledge & intelligence also develops the necessary Hard, Soft & Life skills which add extra values to the lives of students. We believe that, Talents & Strengths of every student can be discovered at a very initial stage of learning thus, empowering us to nurture that student in that particular way, & our own developed & implemented Integrated Model of imparting Education ensures that the process of discovering and nurturing the Talents & Strengths of every individual student is smooth, efficient & highly productive.