Medical Check Up

BODY IS THE CADGE OF MIND!We always focus on the general health of the children so that they can concentrate with fullest spirit.

As we know PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE we always look forward to their healthy habits. Chronic diseases of the children are notified officially so that we can take proper care during emergency.

WE ORGANISE HEALTH CAMP BY AN EXPERIENCED TEAM OF DOCTORS twice a year.The parents are suggested to take further care according to the suggestions of the team.

The children can avail treatment from the local Govt Hospital if identified with noncommunicable diseases by the TEAM OF DOCTORS. Doctors are concern about the VISION,LOW VISION,MALNUTRITION,UNDER NUTRITION,LOSS OF APETITE of each and every student.

They explain the children about the utility of procuring BALENCED DIET so that they can keep themselves physically &mentally fit! An awareness programme is also conducted by the TEAM to make the children understand regarding the importance of EXERCISE,GAMES,YOGA,AEROBICS which are essential to maintain the good health along with REST &PEACE.